Club Internal Meeting – 15th September

U9 Girls & Boys Obstacle Run 75m Long Jump Rounders ball.
U11 Girls & Boys 75m 600m High Jump Long Jump Discus
U13 Girls & Boys 100m 600m* Long Jump High Jump Discus
U15 Girls & Boys 100m 300m Long Jump High Jump Discus
U17 Women & Men 100m 400m Long Jump High Jump Discus
Senior Women & Men 100m 400m Long Jump High Jump Discus
(Including U20)
Vet Women & Men 100m 400m Long Jump High Jump Discus
U11/13/Girls/Boys 4x100m Combined Age Group Races
U15 Girls/Boys Categories Combined Ages
U17 Women & Men Under 60 years old
U20 Women & Men Under 80 years old
Sen Women & Men 80 Years old up to 120 years old
Vet Women & Men 120 years old up to 160 years old
Over 160 years old
Please confirm the total age of your four relay leg runners and allocate a team name
Fill in a separate combined 4x100m entry form
U13/U15Girls/Boys David Coleman Mile Races
U17 U20 Women & Men
Sen & Vet Women & Men
U13 cannot run 600m & David Coleman Mile on the same day UKA Rule 141(iv)
All events are open to our special needs group check with Adrian Dillion for your chosen events.
Medals for 1st 2nd 3rd with certificates for athletes taking part
4 Trials allowed in the Long Jump & Discus
No Entries below 7 years old
Entry Fee £3.00 covers all events entered including the David Coleman Mile Races
Entries will close on Tuesday 4th September 2018.
NO email entries and NO entries accepted on the day

Main entry form and information can be downloaded here

Relay entry form can be downloaded here