Cross-Country Upcoming Events

As we have had quite a few new members lately, here are some details about the forthcoming six stage road relays and cross-country season.

First, we have the midland six stage road relays on Saturday 24th September at Sutton Park . I have entered multiple teams from Wolves and Bilston for this race, which takes part on the roads within Sutton Park – over a 3.5-mile course.

Secondly, cross-country season will be upon us towards the end of October, and is attracting a lot of interest amongst everyone on club nights. There are four club races within the Birmingham league through the winter with the club currently being in Division two. We narrowly missed promotion last year but we are determined to go at least one better this time round. – winning the league is within our grasp this time round!!!! Cross Country, spikes are a must for these events.

Dates and venues for the season are as follows:

12 November 2011 – Leamington
3 December – Rugby
14 January 2012 – Wyken Croft – Coventry
11 February 2012 – Aldersley Stadium – Wolverhampton

We will be able to provide transport for each buy levothyroxine without rx race, with the meeting point being the access road at Goodrich, at approx 12.00 on the day of each race, with the race beginning at 2.30pm let me know if you need further assistance for those dates and times.

There are also other cross-country races, which we can do which are important for the club.

National Cross Coutnry relays – Berry Hill Park , Mansfleid – Date TBC – Poss early November
Midland Seven Mile Cross Coutnry – Aldersley Stadium– Date TBC – Poss end of November
Staffordshire Cross Country Champs – Sat 7th January 2012 – Venue TBC
Midland Cross Country Champs – Sat 28th Jan 2012 – Venue TBC
National Cross Country – Hampstead Heath – London – Sat 25th February

The race in London is one not to be missed and we will be looking to organise an overnight stay for that one. The last couple of years have been a brilliant night out for those who have stayed over.

Anyway, hope this is a useful heads up for you all but please give me a shout if you need any help or want to discuss these at all.

Paul Tabor