The Class of 2015


First match of the season at Leamington, very strong ladies and weakened men. Here is a message from Trish and Carl.

Lot’s of photos on Facebook. Full results on Brian Smith’s website:


14 ladies from W&B raced among 377 other ladies. First senior XC for the juniors Dani, Isher, Izzy & Leah, first XC for Cara and the ditch didn’t put them off. First 4 across the line to score were Tess 11th, Dani 18th (Dani lead the pack of ladies round most of the first lap), Audrey 49th and Isher 53rd. W&B ladies team finished 4th on the day out of 38 teams. C’mon the girls.


Tess 25:09

Dani 25:43

Audrey 27:27

Isher 27:37

Izzy 28:43

Cara 30:46

Solenne order ativan online 31:12

Emily 32:09

Melissa 33:23

Hayley 34:08

Imogen 36:54

Amy 37:39

Leah 38:01

Jan 43:52

Fantastic start to the season for the ladies even with a few strong ladies missing from the team. Speedy recovery to them all, we need you at Cofton Park in December. Trish


Results from Leamington Spa


67 Ryan Heath 38.22

68 Dave Smith 38.27

96 Tom Warrender 40.03

119 Grant Cummings 40.58

146 Mark Anslow 42.23

148 Lee Moreton 42.23

150 Jason Corns 42.30

165 Pete Watlin 43.00

181 Darren Edwards 43.33

203 Simon Calrow 44.29

211 Mark Moore 44.58

224 Jason Paddock 45.17

253 Rob Edwards 48.12

282 Duncan Davies 51.32

A Team Position 14th 644 points

B Team Position 12th 1134 points

Not great veiwing in regards to team position but hopefully we can only get stronger so Come On Wolves!

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