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Wheaton Aston 10k, 27th Dec 2010
12th James Toddington 36:54 PB
14th Daniel Maskew 37:05 PB
20th Danny Brazier 37:26 PB
26th Ian Pincher 38:29 PB
34th Darren Edwards 39:11
40th Chris Stark 40:04
44th Tess Parkinson 40:22 (3rd Lady)
59th Andrew Bave 41:50
97th Carl Morgan 44:15
99th Kate Ward 44:24
117th Peter Stark 45:29
168th Kathryn Morgans 49:52
191st Andy Munford 51:12  (over FIFTY RACES IN 2010) bet he sleeps at night, what an acheivement!
238th Thelma Powell 54:12
258th Therezia Duffy 55:15
282nd Tamsyn Everson 56:55
283rd Claire Everson 56:55
297th Trish Morgan 59:48
337th Robert Hayward 1:05:37 ( ran along buy ativan online side his wife for support) HERO!

Morning After Race, 1st Jan 2011
5th Daniel Maskew 33:09
11th Daniel Brazier 34:35
22nd Paul Hammond 35:55

Centurion RC Grand Prix, 9th Jan 2011
7th Richard Reed 30:43
23rd Terry Bullock 33:51

Blymhill Village 10k, 9th Jan 2011
23rd David Tilt 45:36
69th Gwyn Jones 52:01
89th Kees Stavenuiter 54:06
134th Adrian Jones 59:09
140th Thelma Powell 59:29
162nd Darren Edwards 1:01:38
183rd Trish Morgan 1:04:27

Cannock Chase Trig Points Race, 9th Jan 2011
7th Daniel Brazier 2:01:29
14th Rob Edwards 2:08:36
18th Daniel Maskew 2:10:36
30th Nigel Glaze 2:16:58

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