Membership waiting list

Thank you for your enquiry. WBAC has always had a long waiting list of junior athletes (ages 9-18) wishing to join. We have to ensure that the athlete-to-coach ratios are both feasible and safe for all concerned. We continually look at ways to accommodate new athletes but we regret that it is not possible to say when spaces will become available.

Adults who wish to join the club for Road Running, Cross-Country or Track & Field do not need to go on the waiting list. You can find out more about our running groups here.

IMPORTANT:  WBAC is a competitive Club and enters teams in leagues for track & field and cross country; in cross country championships; in road relays; and Sports Hall. If therefore you are invited to join us, membership will be on the understanding that you will compete for the Club irrespective of ability and subject to fitness. Failure to compete may result in membership being withdrawn.

Please use the athletic performances box on the form to tell us as much as you can about your child and any current or past athletic or sporting activities or achievements, so we can ascertain the right group for them.

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