Midlands Track & Field League results

Well done to everyone today who helped out and participated at Match 3 of the Midland Track & Field, Division 3. It was a very successful day for us as a club hosting the match at Aldersley, made even more enjoyable by winning the match with a considerable margin. You can download the provisional results here, but please bear in mind these have yet to be cross-checked and verified by the MCAA.

A special thanks goes to the staff at Aldersley, who arrived at 7.30am to find that the high jump area and the track at the finishing end of the stadium had been buy levitra online india covered in smashed glass overnight, when vandals broke into one of the containers at the side of the track in which strip light bulbs were being stored and threw these into the area. The staff were very quick to clean up this potential hazard, and still get everything else ready on time.

We will be hosting another match at the end of the month, National Junior League, on Sunday 25th July. It would be fantastic to have as many willing volunteers and participants as we did today, so please come along if you can.

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