Well done YAL Cross Country

Well done to all the young athletes who took part in the Cross Country season this winter. It’s a tough competition to take buy ativan online legally part in – 5 races over the season in challenging conditions – and it takes a lot of commitment for these young people (and their parents!) to get to each race, no matter what the weather.

Out of 20 teams in the league, Wolves & Bilston finished 12th overall, which is good going and gives the team plenty of opportunity to improve on this position next season.

It requires a great deal of stamina to take part at such as young age, and it’s very easy to drop out part way through the season or give up altogether as the young athletes get older (you can see from the age-breakdown below, that the team positions are better for the younger groups), so again WELL DONE to all those who stuck at it and gave it their best!

U11 Girls – 8th overall
U13 Girls – 8th overall
U15 Girls – 13th overall
U17 Women – 17th overall
U11 Boys – 8th overall
U13 Boys – 13th overall
U15 Boys – 18th overall
U17 Men – 18th overall

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