Congratulation to all athletes and officials for a fantastic day at Solihull.  Myself and Clova are proud of everyone who has competed and officiated in this league over the 4 matches.  The points tally exceed all expectations as you will see below, and this is down to your commitment on making our team manager responsibilities as easy as possible.  Thank you to the families who came along and watched the day’s competition as your support is appreciated.

We are back where we belong in the PREMIER DIVISION for next season.  We now need to cement our position and become a club for everyone concerned to be proud of.  The history this club has had in the past for track and field is a history that made us the top club not only generic lorazepam online nationally but internationally.  Myself and Clova would like to bring this history back to the present and also for the future.  This club has a talented crop of young athletes that are our future.  You have all performed admirably this season.  We will be losing some athletes who will be too old for this league next season but this will compensate from the LAG athletes who will be moving up.  We now need to inject new blood through both age groups.

Claudio & Clova


The Days Results

1st Wolves & Bilston – 881

2nd Charnwood – 525

3rd Solihull & Small Heath – 514

4th Tamworth – 466.5

5th Coventry Godiva – 466

6th Banbury & Bicester – 434

7th Leicester Coritanians – 357

8th Bromsgrove & Redditch – 276.5


Event Results

YDL 24-07-16


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