Success for Youngsters at Banbury

Message from Claudio & Clova:

Congratulations to all that competed on Sunday.  All of you performed above and beyond expectations.  We are not going to single out anyone in particular as everyone (athletes/officials/parents) made a massive difference on the day’s event.  Myself and Clova are extremely proud on athletes filling the gaps and the encouragement given by all was very exciting to see.  The results are again to be scrutinised but for Wolverhampton & Bilston AC we remain winners of the 1st match by over 100 points.  An amount of other buy carisoprodol overnight clubs who competed declared 4 athletes in field events ( rules state 3 only across both age groups ) hence the results to be checked and adjustments to be made where necessary.  Clova and myself declared the correct amount of athletes so our points total should not change. The provisional team results are below for all to see:



  1. Wolverhampton & Bilston  774
  2. Charnwood AC                      672
  3. Coventry Godiva                   647
  4. Solihull and Small Heath   553
  5. Tamworth                              491
  6. Bicester Banbury                  427
  7. Leicester                                 331
  8. Bromsgrove and Redditch   272


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