Success in Schools Championship for Harry and Jamie

 Rick Ward reports:

WBAC young athletes Harry Cresswell and Jamie Ward under 15 runners were 2 of a 6 pupil Intermediate boys Cross Country team representing their Thomas Telford School (TTS) in the English Schools National soma online cheap Cross Country Final over 4.2 km in Southend On Sea on Saturday 30th November 2013.


Their school team had qualified for the national final over local and regional rounds in the past 3 months involving both Harry and Jamie..

ESAA announced at the finals that over 1000 UK schools nationally had taken part in the National Cross Country qualifying age groups.

The TTS boys team finished the final in bronze medal, 3rd position the highest Midlands schools team of the 24 team finalists from throughout the UK.

The school had never previously won a National Cross Country team medal despite its sporting prowess over many years

The highest 4 team members of the 146 runners counted towards each team score with Jamie (13th) and Harry (46th) 1st and 3rd team scorers.

Pictures are attached of  National team awards  featuring Harry (4th from left) and Jamie (2nd from left) .

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