The Dell/Aldersley Triangular League Results


The third & final Triangular League match is due to take place on Sunday 14th September at Tipton.


Fixture 2, The Dell, Results:

U11 Girls: W & B 59, Dash 55, Tipton 23

U11 Boys: W&B 55, Dash 45, Tipton 26

U13 Girls: W & B 68, Dash 58, Tipton 25

U13 Boys: Dash 70, W & B 40, Tipton 36

Again, Wolves & Bilston are looking strong in the league and finished in 1st place in U11 Girls & Boys categories and U13 Girls. We also improved with our U13 boys who finished in 2nd place this time. We will need all our athletes to turn out for the third and final meeting at Tipton in September.


Fixture 1, Aldersley Results:

U11 Girls: W&B 50, Dash 48, Tipton 26 points

U11 buy levitra Boys: W & B 64, Tipton 32, Dash 27 points.

U13 Girls: W & B 71, Dash 45, Tipton 40 points.

U13 Boys: Dash 52, Tipton 48, W & B 37 points.

Full results are now on the board at Aldersley….

Wolverhampton & Bilston had a very successful first meeting at Aldersley against Tipton and Dash, with WBAC leading on points in 3 out of the 4 age categories. There were still some points up for grabs in some of the field events and certainly in some of the U13 boys events as we were missing some of our athletes, but hopefully we can fill these gaps at the next meeting. Well done all !!



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