Weekly update 14th July 2022

There was another big week for athletes from Wolverhampton & Bilston AC, across all terrains and all disciplines, so bear with me, this will be a long one.

First off let’s tidy up the results from the UK Youth Development League Lower Midlands North East Division D, in Stoke.  Harry Hamer finished 4th in the U13 75 A race in a time of 11.00 and James Strong was 4th in the B race in 12.6. Elissa Rukweza was 4th in 11.00 in the U75 A race with Belle Willoughby coming home in 4th in 11.9 in the B race. Jesse Osamuyi Oni was 2nd in the 100 U15 A race in 12.2 with Jack Richardson finishing 2nd in 14.2. Joshua Welford was 1st in 100 nsA race in 11.8. There was a win for Abigail Osamudiamen in the 100 U15 A race in a time of 12.8 with Mia Hamer coming 4th in the B race in 14.6. Over 150 metres Isaac Danbury was 5th in the U13M A race in 22.0, Elissa Rukweza was 3rd in 22.3 in the A race, Aisha Abdulla was 1st in the B race in 22.9.

Over 200m Jess Osamuyi Oni was 2nd in 25.9 in the A race and Theo Nicholls was 2nd in 31.9 in the B race. Abigail Osamudiamen won the U15W A race in 26.4. There was a win for Joshua Welford in the 300 U15 A race in 38.5 and another victory for James Crust in the B race in 42.8. Scarlett Willoughby was 4th in the 300 U15W A race in 50.6 and Macy Read was 4th in 53.7 in the B race.

Over 800m Owen Ulfig claimed a win in 2.09.0 in the U15M A race, Oscar Davis was 2nd in 2.17.50 in the B race and Aryan Kumar Pal was 3rd in 2.41.1 in the nsA race. Isaac Danbury was 2nd in the U13M A race in 2.38.8 and there was a further win for Will Hughes in the U13M B race in 2.43.3. Scarlett Willoughby was 4th in 2.38.1 in the U15A race and Macy Read was 4th in 2.48.4 in the B race. Lucy Horton was 2nd in 2.39.8 in the U13 A race and Belle Willoughby was 3rd in 3.04.6 in the B race, Faith Jones was 2nd in 3.00.3 and Kiki Guest was 4th in 3.06.6 in the nose race.

Over 1200m Fred Jones claimed the win in 3.31.0 in the U13M A race and Sam Ball won the B race in 3.50.6. Grace Hendy won the U13W A race in 4.00.2 and Beatrice Simpson was 3rd in 5.14.4 in the B race. Over 1500m Sam Thursfield was 3rd in 4.49.1 in the U15M A race and Bohdi Finn Shields was 1st in 4.52.7 in the B. Madison Farley was 2nd in 5.05.8 in the U15A race and Eleanor Simpson was 2nd in 5.34.1 in the B race.

Kiki Guest was 3rd in the U13 70 hurdles in 16.4, Charlotte Bradley was 2nd in 12.8 in the U15 70 hurdles. In the relays there was a 2nd place for the men in the 4×100 U15 in 54.9 and 4th in 61.2 in the U13s and for the women a 2nd in 55.4 in the U15s and 4th in 61.6 in the U13s. In the 4×300 the U15 men were 1st in 2.53.0 and a 4th place in 3.25.6 for the women.

Finley Powell won the U15 high jump in 1.65 with Theo Nicholls winning the B event in 1.35. Harry Hamer won the U13s with a jump of 1.35. Charlotte Bradley cleared 1.35 in the U15W event with a leap of 1.30. Grace Hendy cleared 1.15 to come 3rd in the U13W high jump. In the horizonal jump Jack Richardson was 5th with a leap of 3.97 and James Crust was 3rd with 3.62 in the U15M A and B events. In the U13s Isaac Danbury jumped 4.10 for 2nd place in the A and Harry Hamer was 2nd with 3.83 in the B. Abigail Osamudiamen jumped 5.00 to win the U15W A and Mia Hamer won the B event leaping to 3.88. In the U13s Grace Kinsey jumped 3.97 for 3rd place in the A and Aisha Abdulla was 2nd in 3.40 in the B.

And in the throws there was a 4th place in the U13s shot with a throw of 5.59, Abigail Powell was 4th in the shot with a throw of 5.50. Aisha Abdulla claimed 2nd place in the U13 shot with a throw of 5.78 and Faith Jones was 4th with a throw of 3.43 in the B event. Finley Powell was 3rd in the U15 discuss with a throw of 19.59, and James Crust was 3rd with a throw of 13.35 in the B competition. Charlotte Bradley threw 13.65 for 3rd place in the U15 discus and Abigail Powell was 3rd with 10.75 in the B. Jack Richardson threw the javelin 24.30 for 4th place and Owen Ulfig won the B comp with a throw of 17.76. And for the women Abigail Powell was 3rd with a throw of 12.50 in the A comp and Mia Hamer was 3rd with a throw of 6.11 in the B. Will Hughes was 3rd with a 16.28 throw in the U13 A and Belle Willoughby was 4th with 6.43 and Lucy Horton was 2nd throwing 5.29 in the U13s. Phew.

There was more track action at Birmingham University, first of all in their midweek track and field series where Fred Jones was 6th over 1500m with in a PB of 4.22.01. Oscar Davies was 1st over 800m in a time of 2.18.12, Sam Ball was also 1st over 800m in 2.26.37, Scarlett Willoughby was 1st in her category with 2.34.40 over the same distance. And over 3000m Ava Kind clocked 10.46.28 for 5th place. And on Saturday at the same venue Jamie Ward returned from injury to place 2nd in 4.16.75 just ahead of Louis Lambeth in 3rd in 4.20.84 over 1500m. Ella Semple recorded a PB of 4.33.33 and Lizzie Pennington clocked a PB of 4.33.67. Jack Bonser ran 3.58.33 over 800m to clock a PB, Issy Cotham recorded 4.23.18. and a team of Lizze, Ella, Izzy and Zoe Brickley we 2nd in the 4 x 800 relay.

And again on the track, this time at Sport City, Manchester at the English Schools Championships Amelia Hancock was 13th in the hammer with a throw of 39.47, Finley Powell was 14th with a leap of 1.64 in the high jump, Elliot Bowen was 7th in his heat over 300m in 38.89 and Francesca Bowen was 6th over 300m in 43.28, Beth Rawlinson clocked a PB of 5.31.26 in the 1500m steeplechase, Owen Ulfig cocked 4.10.87 to come 2nd in his heat to qualify for the final and then finished just out of the medals in 4th in 4.06.74 in a PB over 1500m. Also over 1500 Isobelle Jones ran 4.33.67 for 2nd place in her heat to progress to the final and then claimed an impressive silver medal with a 4.30.54 clocking in the final itself.

There was a large group in Telford for race 4 of the Sexarathon Series, the rapid Vic Musgrove 5k around Town Park, a race that always produces a big field and fast times. Dan Turner was first home for the club in 14th in 16.12, Paul Dean was 25th in 16.56, Dylan Illidge was 36th in 17.24, Dave Smith 42nd in 17.38, Greg Asbury 46th in 17.45, Beth Tabor took the lead in the series with 3rd place in the ladies race and 49th overall in 17.50, Paul Clarke was 52nd in 18.00, Dave Newport won carbon wars with 60th place in 18.23 to Lucy Calrow’s 61st in 18.30, Shaun Bennett was 71st in 18.42, Dave Norman 83rd in 19.03, Sabrina Thomas was 86th in 19.15, Simon Calrow bagged some scalps in 93rd in 19.30, Ben Rawlings 94th in 19.31, Holly Baddeley 96th in 19.34, Darren Owen-Jones 98th in 19.32, Sarah Thurley 101st in 19.38, Nick Beach 102nd in 19.40, Russ Newman 106th in 19.50, Tony Cheema 117th in 20.06, Mark Illidge 133rd in 20.41, Rob Edwards 143rd in 21.15, Hannah Corns 145th in 21.25, Anthony Pinson 158th in 21.46 and Craig Buggins 189th in 22.45. 

On the same night Rich Amor-Wilkes came 4th in the Kinver Summer Dirt Run finishing the 10k race in 44.56. and at the weekend a trio took part in the blisteringly hot Barmouth 10k with Dan Turner finishing 4th in 35.03, Darren Owen -Jones finishing in 39.54 for 27th place and Sabrina Thomas crossing the line in 43.06 to take 49th overall and more importantly claiming the 3rd female prize.

Finally with one of our intrepid marathon due injured it was left to Gill Mitchell to fly the Wolves flag solo in the Tenby Marathon as part of the triathlete’s long course weekend. Gill ticked off another finish towards a total of 200 marathons finishing in 613th place in 5.16.42.

Dave Norman

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