Weekly update 27th May 2022

There was midweek action again for athletes from Wolverhampton & Bilston AC as a large group travelled to Shropshire for race two of Telford ACs 6 race Sexarathon series. This week involved three laps around Dawley in the Phoenix Flyer 5k. Due to a finish line incident the results on the night were compromised but a great deal of behind the scenes work resulted in some comprehensive results even if there were a little late. It was like the 1980s when you have to put 50p in an addressed envelope and then wait for the postman to tell you were you finished.

Dan Turner was first home in a fantastic 12th place in 16.32, Isabelle Price was 30th overall and claimed an impressive victory in the ladies race crossing the line in 17.32. Paul Dean was 35th in 17.38, Dylan Illidge was 38th in 17.40, Dave Smith 41st in 17.49, Beth Tabor finished in 52nd in 18.13, Darren Owen-Jones was 57th in 18.30, Greg Asbury 59th in 18.31, Shaun Bennett 79th in 19.13, Dave Newport 80th in the same time, Lucy Calrow was 86th in 19.21, Dave Norman was 101st in 1.55, Tony Cheema 102nd in 19.57, Sabrina Thomas 108th in 20.08, Holly Baddeley was 109th in also in 20.08, Russ Newman 116th in 20.31, Simon Calrow was 121st in 20.38, Rob Edwards 143rd in 21.35, Paul Tabor 149th in 21.44, Hannah Corns 155th in 22.07, Anthony Pinson 163rd in 22.29 and Dani Braine finished in 23.07 to take 190th place. There was some dispute over some finishing positions and times but these were as published.

There was televised action at the weekend with Sabrina Thomas travelling north to get on the box in the Great Manchester Run covering the 10k distance in 42.46 to take 396th place. And a couple took part in a National Trust 10k at Dudmaston, a low-key event with around 50 runners following gravel tracks and trails. So low key that runners were asked to record their own times and there are no official results. Ben Pilsbury covered the 10k distance in around 44 minutes crossing the line in 1st place and Pete Hood stopped his watch in around 47 minutes.

Elsewhere Roger Grand took part in the hilly Eyam Half marathon placing 13th in a time on 1.27.12.

There was more track action on both Saturday and Sunday. The junior members of the club travelled to Stourport for the UK Youth Development League Lower Midlands Division D. Elissa Rukweza finished in 2nd in 11.3 in the 75 U13W A with Amira Moulder coming 2nd in the B race in 11.8. Jesse Osamuyi Oni was 2nd in 12.8 in the 100 U15M A and Jack Richardson was 2nd in 14.6 in the B race. Elliot Bowen took 1st place in the 100 U15M nsA competition in 12.4 and Aryan Kumar Pal was 2nd in 15.8 in the B race. Abigail Osamudiamen finished 1st in the 100 U15W A race in 13.2, Mia Harmer was 3rd in the B race in 14.8 and Megan Grove was 2nd in 15.3 in the 100 U15W nsA race. Harry Hamer clocked 22.5 for 3rd place in the 150 U13M A race with Isaac Danbury winning the B race in 23.7. Aisha Abdullah finished 3rd in 23.4 in the 150 U13W A race and Kaleah Moulder was 1st in 24.1 in the B race. In the 200 there was a 2nd place finish for Jesse Osamuyi Oni in 26.4 and a 2nd place finish for Theo Nicholls in 31.8 in the B race. Abigail Osamudiamen crossed the line in 1st place in 26.8 in the 200 U15W A race and Francesca Bowen won the B race in 28.0. In the 300 there was a 2nd place for Owen Ulfig in the U15M A race in 41.2, a 1st place finish for James Crust in 42.9 in the U15M B race, a 2nd place finish for Francesca Bowen in 44.0 in the U15W A and a 4th place finish in 52.0 for Macy Read in the U15W B.

In the 800m Owen Ulfig bagged a win the U15m A race in 2.08.8, Aryan Kumar Pal was 2nd in 2.46.4 in the B race, Isaac Danbury was 2nd in the U13M A race in 2.36.0. In the U15W A race there was a win for Madison Farley in 2.19.2, a win for Scarlett Willoughby in 2.34.7 in the U15W B race, a 2nd place for Macy Read in 2.47.0 in the U15W nsA race, a win for Lucy Horton in 2.32.8 in the U13W A race, a 4th place finish for Hattie Thomas in 3.18.6 in the U13W B and a 3rd place for Clara Butler-Montero in 3.27.1 over 800 metres.

Fred Jones claimed a victory in 3.31.6 in the 1200 U13M A, Sam Ball won the B race in 3.43.8. Grace Hendy was 2nd in the 1200 U13W A in 4.03.8 and Alice Cattell was 2nd in 4.47.7 in the B race.

Sam Thursfield was 2nd in 4.48.5 in the 1500 U15M A race and Charlie Thomas was 3rd in the B race in 5.55.6. Megan White won the 1500 U15W A race in 4.52.7 and Ronni Read was 2nd in the B race in 5.12.8. Charlotte Bradley was 2nd in 13.1 in the 75H U15W A race.

In the relays the U15 men finished 3rd place in 54.5 and the U13 men finished in 1st place in 58.9. The ladies were 1st in the U13M in 58.9 and 3rd in  56.1 in the U15 event in the 4 x 100m. The men won the U15M 4 x 300m relay ion 3.22.9 and placed 2nd in the U15W race in 3.04.7.

In the jumps Finley Powell won the U15M A high jump with a clearance of 1.72 and Harry Hamer won the U13M A clearing 1.34. Amelie Banks was 2nd with a leap of 1.25 in the U15W A and Megan Grove was 2nd in the B even with a jump of 1.20. Sophie Grove won the U13W A with a 1.32 jump and Grace Hendy cleared 1.15 in the B competition. In the long jump there was a 4th place finish for Jack Richardson with a leap of 4.03 in the U15M A, James Crust was 2nd with a 3.52 jump in the B comp. In the U13M A long jump Harry Hamer was 2nd in 4.08 and Isaac Danbury was 1st with 4.06. Abigail Osamudiamen won the U15W A long jump with a leap of 4.82 and Mia Hamer won the B competition with a jump of 3.84. Elissa Rukweza won the U13W A long jump with 3.86 and Aisha Abdullah also won with a jump of 3.84 in the B event.

In the throws Finley Powell won the U15M A shot with a throw of 7.56. Abigail Powell was 2nd in the U15W A shot competition with a throw of 5.61 and Georgina Neilson was 2nd in the B event with a throw of 5.29. Sophie Grove was 4th in the U13W A shot with a throw of 4.26 and Hattie Thomas managed a throw of 3.68 for 3rd place in the B competition. Finley Powell finished his afternoon in the U15M A discuss with a throw of 21.19 for 2nd place, James Crust managed a throw of 15.12 in the B event. Charlotte Bradley finished 4th in the U15W A discuss and Amelie Banks was 1st in the B comp with a throw of 11.85. Ethan Kendrick won the U15M A hammer with a throw of 33.95 and Georgina Neilson won the U15W A hammer recording 18.36. In the U15M A javelin Jack Richardson was 2nd with a 24.55 throw and Charlie Thomas was 2nd in the B comp throwing 9.36. Georgia Neilson was 3rd in the U15W A javelin with a throw of 12.27, Abigail Powell was 2nd in the B event throwing 11.42. and in the U13M A javelin there was a 3rd place finish for Aisha Abdullah with a  throw of 13.41 and a 2nd place for Hattie Thomas throwing 8.75 in the B event.

And finally, on Sunday a very small team travelled to Cheltenham for the Midlands Track & Field Division 3 meeting. Josiah Johnson was 5th in 12.00 in the 100m A race and Nicardo Lewis was 5th in 12.20 in the B race. Niam Awal was 6th in 25.20 in the A race and Nicardo Lewis was 4th in 24.6 in the B race over 200m. Tom Pryor was 2nd in 53.60 in the 400m and then ran 2.02.40 for 3rd place over 800m. Jack Bonser finished in 2nd place in the 1500m A race in 4.04.50 and Richard Wright was 6th in 4.42.70 in the B race. The two-woman team of Louise Webster and Amelia Hancock took part in the ladies competition. Louise was 6th in 6.10.90 in the 1500m, then threw 8.37 for 4th place in the shot with Amelia placing 3rd with a throw of 6.45 in the B shot. Louise was 5th in the javelin with 24.26 and won the hammer with a throw of 37.65, Amelia won the B competition with 34.29. Louise won the hammer with a throw of 37.65 and Amelia won the B event with a 34.39 throw. Amelia then went on the place 2nd in the A discuss throwing 23.05 while Louise won the B event throwing 19.79 in the hammer throwing 37.65. The limited numbers across almost every discipline meant the club finished 7th of the 7 competing clubs. Hopefully, with the next fixture taking place at Aldersley the club will be able have a better representation.

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