Weekly Update 9th August 2022

After two weeks of waiting for results to appear on the Power of 10 website I am now able to give you an idea of what’s been going on over the last fortnight for athletes from Wolverhampton & Bilston AC. It’s been rather quiet with holidays and the little matter of the Commonwealth Games down the road affecting the calendar meaning that it was a slow couple of weeks.

So, after the long wait we’ll start with the Youth Development League Lower Midlands North/East Promotion Match at Nottingham on the 30th July. So here goes……. Harry Hamer was 8th in the 75 U13M A race with a time of 11.7 and Kaleah Moulder was 7th with 12.00 in the 75 U13W A race with Amira Moulder coming 7th in the B race with 11.6. Joshua Welford was 1st over the line in 11.7 to take the 100 U15M A race with Jesse Osamuyi Oni coming 2nd in 12.5 in the B race, Jack Richardson was 2nd in the nsA race with 14.7. Mia Hamer was 8th in the 100 U15W A race in 14.9, Nickirah Spencer was 6th in 14.9 in the 100 U15W B race. Isaac Danbury was 7th in 23.4 in the 150 U13M A race, Aisha Abdullah was 7th in 23.2 in the 150 U13W A race, Kaleah Moulder was 7th in 24.3 in the 150 U13WB race. In the 200 U15M A race Elliot Bowen came 4th in 24.5, Jesse Osamuyi Oni was 3rd in 25.6 in the B race. In the 200 U15W A race Nickirah Spencer was 7th in 31.1. Joshua Welford was 1st in 36.1 to take the 300 U15M A race, Elliot Bowen won the B race in 39.00. Rowan Condon was 6th in 47.9 in the 300 U15 W A race and Macy Read was 6th in 51.7 in the B race.

Over the middle distances Owen Ulfig was 1st in the 800 U15M A race in 2.04.7, Oscar Davies was 4th in 2.20.1 in the B race and Charlie Thomas was 3rd in 3.01.3 in the nsA race. In the U13s Isaac Danbury was 3rd in 2.33.0 over 800m. Macy Read was 8th in 2.56.7 in the 800 U15 W A race, Faith Jones was 5th in 3.09.8 over 800 in the U13W A race, Hattie Thomas was 4th in 3.27.9 in the B race. Sam Ball was 2nd in 3.47.6 in the 1200 U13M A race, Kiki Guest was 4th in 4.26.7 in the 1200 U13W A race and Amira Moulder was 4th in 4.59.1 in the B race. Over 1500 Bohdi Finn Shields was 2nd in 4.41.0 in the U15M A race, Sam Thursfield was 1st in 4.41.2 in the B race. Ronni Read was 3rd in 5.16.0 in the U15W A race.

The U15 men won the 4×100 with a time of 48.5 and the ladies were 6th in 56.5. The U13 men were 6th in 62.6 in the 4×100 relay. The U15men were 4th in the 4×300 relay in 3.10.4m, and the ladies were 6th in 3.34.6.

In the jumps Finley Powell took 2nd in the U15 high jump with a clearance of 1.60, Harry Hamer was equal 4th with 1.25 in the U13s. Rowan Condon was 6th with a leap on 1.20 in the U15s high jump. Jack Richardson was 7th with 3.84 in the U15 A long jump and Oscar Davies was 4th with 3.54 in the B competition. Isaac Danbury was 4th with 4.11 in the U13 A long jump and Harry Hamer was 3rd with 3.94 in the B event. Rowan Condon was 5th with 4.11 in the U15 W long jump, Mia Hamer was 5th with 3.83 in the B competition. Aisha Abdulla was 5th with 3.68 in the U13W A long jump, Elissa Rukweza was 3rd with 3.59 in the B competition.

In the throws there was a 3rd place for Finley Powell in the U15M A shot with a throw of 8.57, Sam Thursfield was 5th with 4.75 in the B shot comp. Georgina Nielson was 4th with 5.89 in the U15W A shot, Abigail Powell was 4th with 5.71 in the U15W B shot and Aisha Abdullah won the U13W A shot with a throw of 7.67. Finley Powell had a busy afternoon with a 2nd place finish with 21.95 in the U15M discus, Charlie Thomas was 2nd in the B comp with a throw of 12.23, Abigail Powell was 4th with 12.09 in the U15W A discus and Venos Abdullah was 3rd with 11.49 in the B event. Ethan Kendrick won the U15M hammer with a throw of 36.57 and Georgina Neilson made it a double for the club wining the U15W A hammer throwing 25.42. Jack Richardson was 4th with a throw of 25.62 in the U15M A javelin, Owen Ulfig was 3rd throwing 15.49 in the B event. Georgina Neilson was 2nd with 16.74 in the U15W A javelin, Abigail Powell was 4th with 12.10 in the B comp. And finally, Hattie Thomas was 4th with 12.60 in the U13W A javelin.

There was more track action on Friday night at The Dell in Brierley Hill in the Black Country Magic Mile, an evening of mile races when entrants declared their 5k times to be placed in a race of a similar standard. Dave Norman was 7th in his heat in 5.37 and Danni Braine was also 7th in her heat in a time of 6.55.And Rob Carrington took part in the Indian Queens Half Marathon, a 13.1 road race on Cornish country lanes. Despite the heat and lack of training miles Rob crossed the line in 2.09.43 to take 248th place.

Dave Norman

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