Weekly update – 23rd May 2024

It was another busy week across all disciplines again. A couple of events have caught up with results but there is still nothing at all for the triangular league, which is such a shame for the athletes competing that we have no details to enable us to acknowledge their efforts.

This is going to be a long ride so I hope you’ve bought snacks for the journey.

We’ll start by catching up with the results from the Staffordshire Track & Field Championships. There are still no results on Power of 10 but I’ve obtained them by another means. Lucie Tait- Harris claimed a win in a tactical 5000 bagging a gold medal in 19.18. Jon Hart placed 6th in 15.54, with Ben Foster clocking 17.20 for 15th place in the mens 5000. Lila Pearce was 3rd in 2.31.2 and Amiyah Kumar Pal was 7th in 2.47.4 in the 800 U13 G final. Seb Palmer was 1st in the 800 U13B final in 2.19.3, Alice Cattell was 5th in 2.53.9 and Clara Butler Montero was 6th in 2.58.6 in the 800 U15G H1. Aryan Kumar Pal placed 7th in the 800 U17B final with 2.21.7.

Thillana Owen placed 1st in 13.5 in the 100m U13G H1, Callum Hamilton was 5th in 14.8 in the 100 U13B H1, Michelle Okafor was 2nd in 13.4 in the 100 U15G H2, Aupromeyo Mukherjee was 2nd in 12.5 in the 100 U15B H1, Mariama Foster was 4th in 13.9 in the 100 U17W H1. Josh Welford won the 100 U17M final with a time of 10.8, with Princewill Oriere coming 4th in 11.7, and Harley Johns coming 6th in 12.4. Freya Hooper placed 3rd in 13.1 in the 100 U20 W final, Sebastian Darville was 4th in 12.7 in the 100 U20 M final, La Taunya Samuels claimed a win in the 100 SENW final in 12.5, Thillana Owen went on the claim 2nd place in the 100 U13G final in 13.5, the same time as the winner, Michelle Okafor was 2nd in the 100 U15G final in 13.3, Aurpromeyo Mukerjee was 2nd in the 100 U15 B final in 12.0, Mariama Foster was 6th in 13.8 in the 100 U17W final.

Gracie Billett pocketed a silver medal in the 1500 U13G final with 5.33.9, Grace Hendy was 3rd in 4.59.1 in the 1500 U15G final, Will Hughes won the U15B final over 1500 with a time of 4.45.5. Zoleka Mzuku was 3rd but 1stU17with 4.53.1 and Beth Tabor placed 8th but also 3rdSenior in 5.08.9 over 1500 as U17, U20 and Senior women all went off together. Oscar Davis claimed a win the in 1500 U17M final in 4.20.5, Jack Bonser was 2nd in the 1500 SENM semi final in 4.10.2 with Danny Malone placing 5th in 4.40.3.

La Taunya Samuels was 1st in the 400 SENW final in 61.1, Connor Blincoe placed 4th in 53.5 and Kyle Astley-Weah was 5th in 54.00 in the 400 SENM semi final.

Thillana Owen was 1st in 28.5 in the 200 U13G H2, Callum Hamilton was 4th in 30 in the 200 U13B H1, Michelle Okafor was 2nd in 27.5 in the 200 U15G H1, Mariama Foster was 5th in 29.2 in the 200 U17W final, Princewill Oriere was 2nd in 24.4 in the 200 U17M H1, Quai Quintyne was 2nd in 24.5 in the 200 U17M H2, and Harley Johns 4th in 26.2. Freya Hooper placed 2nd in 27.2, Jahnye Russell was 1st U15B in 28.0 and Nteokan Egopija was 5th in 29.6 in the 200 U20 final. La Taunya Samuels was 1st in 25.6 in the 200 SENW final, Callum Hamilton was 6th in 33.8 in the 200 U15B final, Michelle Okafor was 5th in 28.1 in the 200 U15G final. Princewill Oriere was 2nd in 24.00 in the 200 U17M final, and Quai Quantyne placed 4th in 24.5.

Aisha Abdulla won the U15G discus with 23.62, Aupromeyo Mukherjee was 4th in the U15B discus with 17.4, Tegjot Singh won the U17M discus with 20.87, Amelia Hancock won the U20W discus with 22.67. Alice Cattell was 3rd in the U15G high jump with 1.20, Jahnye Russell was 2nd in the U15B hammer with 26.37, Vienos Abdullah was 1st in the U17W hammer with 39.31 where Georgina Neilson came 3rd with 30.86, Ethan Kendrick won the U17M hammer with 51.42, Amelia Hancock won the U20W hammer with 40.60, Louise Webster won the SENW hammer with 38.29. Aisha Abdulla won the U15G shot with 11.10, Tegjot Singh won the U17M javelin with 30.81, and also claimed a win in the U17M shot with 9.11 with Amelia Hancock claiming the U20W title with 6.71.

The club were in action in the Lower Midland North & East Division D meeting at Stourport where Aidy Yeomans placed 3rd in the U15B high jump with 1.30, he placed 2ndin the U15B shot with 4.70. Will Hughes was 2nd in the U15B javelin with 23.24. Samantha Agomoh won the U15G 100 in 12.8, Akyliah Henry won the B race in 14.00. Michelle Okafor won the U15G NS A race over 100 with 13.3 and Belle Willoughby won the U15G NS B race in 14.5. Kayliah Henry won the U15G 100 A in 28.1 and Michelle Okafor won the U15G B race in 27.4, Kaleah Moulder was 4th in 46.4 in the U15G 300 A in 46.4 and Erin-Mia Nash was 3rd in 51.4 in the B race. Kiki Guest was 4th in 2.36.8 in the U15G A 800 and Maisie Roberts was 1st in 2.45.7 in the B race, Amira Moulder placed 1stin the U15G NS race.  Grace Hendy won the U15G 100 in 4.56.6. Samantha Agomoh was 2nd was 4.45 in the U15G A long jump and Maya Rosa Jelic Ramesh was 4th with a leap of 3.01 in the B competition. Samantha cleared 1.30 to take 3rd place in the U15G A high jump with Alice Cattel clearing 1.25 in the B event.

In the throws Aisha Abdulla won the U15G shot with 10.18 and Esi-Boahemma Djabanor won the B comp with 5.80, Aisha then won the U15G discus with 22.68 with Esi-Boahemma winning the B comp with 13.27 and also claiming 4th in the U15G A javelin, where Aisha competing in the B event come 2nd with 13.03.  The club placed 1st in the U15G 4 x 100 relay finishing in 53.7, 3rd in the U15G 4 x 300 relay in 3.26.7.

Thillana Owen won the 75 U13G race in 10.3 with Esme-Nyah Gray winning the B comp with 11.6. Poppy Richardson placed 5th in 12.6 in the U13G NS race, Thillana won the 150 U13G A race in 19.9, Lila Pierce was 2nd in the U13G A 800 in 2.36.7, Biba Guest was 1st in 2.42.7 in the U13G A race over the same distance. Amiyah Kumar Pal was 1st in 2.51.8 in the U13G NA 800. Gracie Billett placed 3rd over 1200 in the U13G A clocking 3.59.5. Esme-Nyah Gray was 4th with 3.20 in the U13G A long jump, Poppy Richardson won the B event with 2.85. Amiyah Kumar Pal was 3rd in the U13G shot with 4.30, Poppy was 1st in the U13G javelin with 9.22.

The club were 1st in the U13G 4 x 100 relay in 60.1. Callum Hamilton was 2nd in the U13B 75 A in 10.8, Harry Thompson won the B race in 11.1, Callum then clocked 21.3 in the U13B A 150 with Jonathan Yang winning the B race in 20.9. Seb Palmer won the U13B A 800 in 2.26.6 with Jonathan also claiming the win the B race with 2.57.5 and Nahum Worral won the U13B NS race in 2.40.6. Theo Ulfig was 2nd in 3.56.7 in the 1200 U13B A.

Callum Hamilton won the U13B A long jump with 3.74, Uriah Thompson coming 2nd with 3.20 in the B comp. Lewis Neilson was 4th in the U13B shot with 4.30, Uriah Thompson 4th in the U13B A javelin with 13.59, Lewis was 2nd in the B event with 12.27. The club were 2nd in the 4 x 100 U13B A with 61.0. All this action placing the club 3rdon the day.

There was some senior T&F action in Stoke where the club competed in the Div 3NE meeting. Kyle Astley-Weah placing 3rd in 11.8 over 100 in the A race and Princewill Oriere coming 3rd in 12.3 in the B race. Kyle was 4th over 200 in 24.1 in the A and again Princewill was in the B event coming 2nd in 24.2. Greg Asbury won the C race in 26.3. Greg was then 4th in the 400 A in 57.3 with Gary Worrall placing 2nd in the B race with 57.4. Harry Dyall was 3rd in the 800 A in 2.00.8 with Gary placing 3rd in the B race in 2.10.7. Tom Pryor raced over 1500 coming 3rd in 4.23.5 in the A race. Ben Foster ran in the 5000 A placing 4th in 16.46.9, with Tom Isherwood coming 2nd in the B race in 17.23.9. The club were 2nd in the 4 x 100 in 48.5 and 2nd in the 4 x 400 in 3.39.0.

Theo Nicholls won the high jump clearing 1.70, and also claimed 5th in the long jump with 4.98, Greg Asbury was 5th in the triple jump with 9.77. Joe Deans was 4th in the shot with 8.31, Lloyd Hudson-Smith was 2nd in the B comp with 7.10. We had an unknown in the discus, possibly Joe or Lloyd who came 6th with 16.40, I’m guessing Joe from the number. Lloyd was 4th in the hammer with 10.35 and 6th in the javelin with 22.98.

In the ladies events La Taunya Samuels won the 100 A in 12.3 with Louise Webster placing 4th in the B race in 15.2, La Taunya won the 200 A in 25.4. Louise was 2nd in the 1500 in 6.05.3. Into her specialist events and Louise was 2nd in the shot with 9.02, 5th in the discus with 16.11, 3rdin the hammer with 39.39, and 2nd in the javelin with 20.46.

There was some midweek action over the fells at the Bratch Bash over 5.3k but with a total ascent of 305 metres, where Will Hughes placed 19th overall and 1stU17 in 32.57. And there was some action on the tarmac in Dawley where race two of Telford AC’s Sexarathon Series, the Phoenix Flyer 5k took place. The race was graced by the European indoor bronze medallist, the Olympian Marc Scott who made light of the competition to win in a comfortable 14.55. Dan Maskew was 7th in 16.13, Dan Turner 21st in 16.58, Paul Dean 27th in 17.45, Dylan Illidge 29th in 17.50, Beth Tabor 32rd and 1st lady in 18.04, Rob Cartwright 33rd in 18.08, Danny Malone 36th in 18.25, Dave Newport 52nd in 19.07, Dave Norman 102nd in 20.40, James Hodgkiss 108th in 20.57, Simon Calrow 114th in 21.05, one Rob Edwards was 129th in 21.43 and the other Rob Edwards 131stth in 21.41, placing determined by gun rather than chip timing, Stu Whitehouse was 140th in 21.51,  Sean Rowe 143rd in 21.59, Jo Lane 157th in 22.23, Paul Tabor 168th in 22.52, Ian Thursfield 169th in 22.55, Veronika Foster 179th in 23.22 and finally  for this week Mark Perry was 201st in 24.09.

Dave Norman

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