Weekly Update 30th June 2023

Wolverhampton & Bilston Athletes were back on track at the weekend taking the short journey to Tipton for the UK Youth Development League Upper – Midlands North/East 1C fixture. A good result would put them in with a chance of qualifying for the promotion meeting, so we tried to get the best team out.

So, let’s see who did what. Eugene Kyei placed 4th in the 100 U20M A in 12.80 and Sebastian Darville placed 3rd in the 100 U20M B in 12.3. William Parton placed 3rd in the 100 U17M A in 12.30, Elliot Bowen placed 1st in the B race. Abigail Osamudiamen was 1st in the 100 U17W A race in 12.3, Francesca Bowen was 2nd in the B race in 13.6. Over 200 Sebastian placed 4th in 25.3 in the U20M A race, Henry Boakye was 1st in 23.8 in the B race. William was 2nd in 24.2 in the U17M A race and Elliot was 1st in 24.4 in the B race. Abigail claimed a win in the U17A in 26.2 and Francesca also won the B race in 28.7. There was a win for Madison Farley in the U17W A race over 300 in 43.9, Rowan Condon was 3rd in 46.7 in the B race. Over 400 Yaw Osei-Asabere placed 1st in 51.3 in the U20M A, Sebastian was 2nd in 57.2 in the B race and Quai Quintyne was 1st in the ns (non-scoring) race. In the U17 age group James Crust claimed a win in the A race in 57.5, Maliq Morris was 1st in the B race in 57.6. Over 800 Roshane Gordon was 3rd in 2.10.9 in the U17M A, Maliq was 2nd in 2.23.9 in the B race. Jessica Yang was 4th in 2.42.7 in the U17W A, Zena Asbury was 2nd in the B. Over 1500 James Neilson claimed victory in 4.19.2 in the U20A, Megan White was 1st in the U17W A in 4.59.1, Scarlett Willoughby was 1st in the U17W B in 5.53.5. Charlotte Higgins was 2nd in the *0H U17W A in 13.6 with Charlotte Bradley claiming the win the 14.6 in the B race. The club placed 2nd in the U20M 4×100 in 36.6 and won the U17M event in 48.0. The U17 women also won the 4×100 in 52.7. The U17 women also won the 4×300 in 3.10.4.

In the jumps Finley Powell placed 1st in the U17M high jump with a PB leap of 1.90, Yaw won the B event with a clearance on 1.70. Rowan was 2nd in the U17W A high jump with 1.30. Over the horizontal Yaw bagged another win with a leap of 5.61 in the U17M A long jump, James was 1st in the B event with 4.40, Abigail recorded 5.11 for a win in the U17WA and Rowan was 2nd with 3.65 in the B event. Jessica Yang was 1st with 9.29 in the U17W A triple jump.

In the throws Eugene placed 4th with 7.42 in the U20M A shot, Nacardo Lewis won the U17M A shot and James claimed a win in the B event with 6.22. Amelia Hancock won the U20W A shot with 6.49, Vienos Abdullah was 2nd with 6.51 in the U17W A shot. Finley was 3rd with 15.44 in the U20M A discus, Amelia was 2nd with 24.38 in the U20W A discus, Charlotte Higgins was 2nd with 14.63 in the U17W A. In the hammer Ethan Kendrick won the U17M A with 41.10, Amelia won the U20W A with 37.85, Vienos won the U17W A with 36.50 and Georgia Neilson won the U17W B with 32.93. In the javelin Finley was 2nd with 12.57 in the U17M A and Elliot won the U17M B with 3.48, Georgina won the U17W A with 17.60 and Veinos won the U17W B with a throw of 11.65.

With so many good performances coach Dave Perkins said “Congratulation everyone who has competed this season, a fantastic result, we ended up first. Now we just need to do a promotion comp like we did this weekend. We beat 2nd place by a massive 71 points. Well done, I’m so proud of each and every one of you this season, hopefully those who have injuries or couldn’t do the last one will be ready for the promotion match. It’s the first time the upper age group have reached this in years, so all credit to you all – let’s finish the season on a big high.”

Elsewhere a group competed on the track in the Summer Special Open Meeting in Nuneaton. Miguel Francis only returned from Antigua three days before but came 1stover 100m in 10.26, Freya Harper was 2nd over 200m in 27.29, Tom Machin was 7th over 200m in 41.47, La-Taunya Samuels was 2nd over 200m in 25.94, Macy Read was 3rd over 300m in 47.92, Psalm Roberts-Nash was 2nd over 400m in 48.79, Jack Bonser was 3rd in 1.58.40 over 800m and there was a 1 – 2 for Ronni Read and Grace Hendy over 1500m with Ronni crossing the line 1st in 5.01.96 and Grace finishing runner up in 5.02.98.

There was more midweek track action on Tuesday at Trafford AC where Greg Asbury placed 3rd over 800m in 2.13.51 and Harry Dyall was 8th over 1500m. And on the roads at the weekend there was a 39.23 finish for Lucy Calrow in the Stone 10k placing 66th overall and 9th lady, and although not having the best of runs in the heat, Sabrina Thomas was still part of a bronze medal team representing Shropshire.

Dave Norman

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